Friday, 8 November 2013

Government Plunders Lottery Fund!!

      You probably thought that when you bought your lottery ticket, if you bother, besides hoping to lift yourself out of the daily grind, you probably thought that you were also helping charities. As we are all told the lottery fund is there to help worthwhile charities and not to subsides government business. However, the sweaty hand of our millionaire Cameron/Osborne lead cabal, has had a dip into the lottery fund. They plundered the lottery fund of £425 million, just to help them out with the Olympics. Not only did we the public pour billions of pounds of our hard earned cash, by means of taxes, into this extravaganza, but we also got trick when we had that wee flutter. Of course we should have known, millionaires think that all money is theirs. You just can't trust millionaires.

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