Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Electron Club Open Day, Glasgow.

Open day as in open

December 1st., 12 noon to 4pm.

CCA is at 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

     The Electron club is a space at the CCA that is home to a whole variety of people and ideas. Started as a computer/electronics/artist Open Source software lab it soon expanded into many areas of cultural diversity and many have little to do with computers. You are just as likely to bump into a Wobblie as you are a computer hacker. If you are an artist, techie, nerd, or your bag is community activism or you are just interested in life, come and take a look. We are open to the public. Anyone can join. Its free.

Who will be there:

     There numerous mappers in and around Glasgow with a wealth of knowledge and from a variety backgrounds and ages. Come and ind out what mapping is about and start mapping the world.

      Is about getting folk young and old interested in science. Come and play with their robot, Knex, Arduino and other science tech stuff. "Lego Mindstorms Challenge - Help explore how to programme Mindstorms robots to follow commands and navigate its way around our obstacle course. Bring Lego to life in this fun introduction to programming and robotics."

     The Spirit of Revolt is a group based in Glasgow who are attempting to collect as much material as possible from grass-roots campaigns in working class struggle, in and around the Glasgow/Clydeside area. An archival collection of working class history. Find out about this very important project for the city. We will be screening a film made at the SOR exhibition at the Mitchell library

      CGAP was set up to create awareness of Scotland's Common Good Fund, a whole bunch of assets, art galleries, schools, town halls, parks, that are publicly owned. Many of these assets have disappeared, have been lost or stolen over the years due to a lack of awareness that they even exist and maladministration by those whose duty is to protect the fund for the benefit of the public. Find out more and about the common good and the Farmhouse Trust, a Common Good project in Govan to create a independent resource centre whilst experiment with off grid technology eco building and gardening along the way.

     A second chance to see a shorter version of Glasgow to Detroit if you missed the Kinningpark screening. Here we will be discussing specific ideas from Detroit activists mentioned in the film to examine the situation in Glasgow/Scotland around growing.

      Founded in 1905, the IWW is open to all workers. Don’t let the “industrial” part fool you. Our members include teachers, cleaners, social workers, retail workers, construction workers, bartenders, and computer programmers. Only bosses are not allowed to join.

SPIRIT OF REVOLT film shot at exhibition Q&A after 2:00
GLASGOW TO DETROIT Screening and discussion on organising around growing 3:00
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  1. OOpps, December 1st. 12 to 4pm. The Electron Club is up stairs in the CCA at 350 Sauchiehall Street,