Friday, 20 March 2015

An Anaesthetic? That'll Be Extra!!

       Further to Osborne's "Walking Tall" claim, he and his partner in crime, Cameron, are helping their millionaire cronies to walk even taller, by handing them the biggest slice of the NHS yet to be privatised. They are working hard to get it all sliced and diced up in manageable portions for their band of robbers, before the next election. Do you want a private health care system, where you get what you can afford? If not, then we have to do something about this ruthless band of plunders, and do it quick. Would you like an anaesthetic with your operation? That'll be extra then.
An appeal from The Sum Of Us:
Hanna, Martin and the rest of us 

    David Cameron just sold off a massive chunk of our NHS, in the largest healthcare privatisation deal in UK history. The contract hands over a whopping £780 million to private firms with shoddy care records -- it’s over 50% larger than the next biggest healthcare sell-off.
Three of the for-profit companies have track records of poor care, yet still ended up with fresh NHS contracts to pad their bottom line. We’ve seen what happens if we privatise our health services: we get worse care at a higher cost. The sheer size of the deal means it’s virtually irreversible once it goes through.
      Let's make sure the government doesn't get away with this. Sign the petition here:
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    1. Thanks, just had to post it again, worth spreading as far and wide as possible.