Sunday, 22 March 2015

From Athens To Frankfurt, We Are Pissed-Off.

      No, not Athens, this is Frankfurt in European capitalist success story, Germany. No matter the state of "the economy" from powerhouse of Europe or failing economies of Greece, Italy, Spain, or wherever, the formula is the same, austerity for the people and riches for the parasites. And the people of Germany are just as pissed off by the misery of austerity as the rest of us. Capitalist success does not translate into riches for the ordinary people. Across the continent, austerity is driving down living standards, irrespective of Osborne's "Walking Tall" crap. It is not likely to change because the powers that be decide to spread the wealth a little bit more evenly. Our standard of living will only reach its full potential when we finally get rid of the capitalist system, and the insanity of kneeling before the Gods of profit and market forces. 

This from Rabble:
     On Wednesday (18 March) a rabble some 20,000 strong crashed the opening party of the new European Central Bank (ECB) building in Frankfurt. The area around the building, which was hosting a celebratory shindig of politicians and other creeps, was sealed off with steel and razor wire barriers and several thousand of Germany’s riot police. But the crowd managed to give them a run for their money with burning barricades, smashed banks, torched police cars, and much rebel spirit.
     On the downside, up to 400 people were reported arrested by the end of the day.
      This was the biggest “counter-summit” demo seen in Europe for some years. There have been similar “Blockupy” events against the ECB the last two years, but they were more easily controlled, with fewer people, less confrontation and little damage.
This year call-outs for the day came from two different groupings: not only the more mainstream “Blockupy”, but also the more confrontational “Destroika“.
     We haven’t yet seen a first hand report in English to repost. Until then, here are some pictures: 
 More Photos HERE:
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  1. Viewed the photos, the first thing that comes to mind is an strike of firefighters. ;)

  2. Spain - Madrid. Police repression (yesterday) during the "March for Dignity - 11M"