Monday, 30 March 2015

From Pandora To Pinata, The Repression Continues.

      Operation Pandora, the Spanish state's fascist tactics during December, when in the early hours of the morning it raided the homes of anarchists and kidnapped the inhabitants, is now being repeated under a new name, Operation Pinata. In the early hours of the morning of March 30th. the Spanish state broke into various squats and arrested at least 26 individuals. It is obvious that the Spanish state feels threatened and a need to repress any resistance to the austerity plans of its masters, the financial Mafia. So much so, that it is prepared to make this a way of life for the Spanish people. This is not an isolated case, it is not so long ago that the Greek state carried an assault on anarchists and squats in that country. This is a tactic that will be repeated across Europe as the financial Mafia continue with their austerity manoeuvres, as they attempt to drive the whole of Europe down towards a sweatshop continent.

       This morning in Operation Piñata (following Pandora in December) cops have raided social centres and arrested people (at least 26) in Barcelona, Madrid, Palencia and Granada.
      La 13-14 in Madrid announced it was being raided this morning.
      CSOA La Redonda in Granada released a communique condemning the raids, which they said occurred without a warrant.
      Centro Social (re)Okupado La Quimera in Lavapies, Madrid was evicted. It also stated no warrant was shown after its doors were smashed at 06:30 and added:
     “This is just another attack on the anarchist movement with intent to criminalize and victimize our struggle.” Other raided social centres were, la Magdalena and La Enredadera de Tetuán.

In solidarity!
Estado español: Zarpazo represivo, al menos 26 detenciones. Desalojan el CSOA La Quimera

La policia espanyola deté 27 persones en una operació contra col·lectius anarquistes

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  1. With the old excuse of fighting terrorism, the Spanish government is attacking any real opposition movement, and anarchists are clearly a priority of the repressive government policy.