Saturday, 7 March 2015

Workers And Soldiers.

     They can call it democracy, but the state can attempt to stifle free assembly, if it so wishes. If they don't like what you're doing or saying then they will draft a law to say you can't do or say that.
     At a time of anger and organisation among the people, the state will bring about any weird and wonderful "law" to intimidate and prevent the people from expressing that anger.
      This is a wee gem from our Glasgow's democratic past, when the powers that be were getting a bit anxious about the coming together of the public and soldiers. Obviously they were a bit worried about the rebellion sweeping across industry, might just take hold in the forces. After all the imperialists needed the soldiers as the pursued their bloody land grab of that era.

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    Wow! Gracie Fields. Somehow, she reminds me of Margaret Thatcher. You have to pick that picture out of the pub before it contaminates the beer. :)

    1. They are the same breed of low life. I'll speak to the landlady in the Scotia and let her know my feelings.