Sunday, 29 March 2015

The People Verses The System.

        We all know that "law and order" is there to protect the established power base, the land and property owners. We know that in this society, property rights trump human rights, if you take your grievances against property owners through the "judicial system", the dice is loaded against you, who makes the laws, who does the ordering? So when it does happen those of the ordinary people who find themselves forced into this situation, need all the support they can get, it should immediately be a call across the land for solidarity, every way possible.
       This is an appeal from the Sweet Ways occupation, a stand against the gentrification, and the developers, who have called in their minders, the "judicial system", to fight their unjust battle.
29 Mar 2015 — There are now more than 60,000 of us that have taken a stand together against social cleansing! Thank you!
Last Monday we were in court against Annington and the judge reluctantly agreed to give us another week to prepare our defence. But this Monday we will be back at Barnet County Court and regardless of the quality of our arguments, will be fighting against generations of British law which gives greater legitimacy to private property rights, than it does to human rights.
      Can you come to the courts with us on Monday morning to show your support?
…Even if you can’t, can you keep sharing the petition on Facebook, Twitter, email… or at your office, or in your mosque or church? Or could you Tweet your support on Monday morning and let Annington know what you think of their plans? (We are @SweetsWayN20, they are @AnningtonHomes)
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