Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cancer Care, For Profit!!

       Even before the greed monster TTIP, has been released from the bowels of corporate voracity, onto the general public, we are seeing the NHS being sliced and diced for the corporate friends of our millionaire cabal that sits in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. Within that cesspool of self interest, there are over 140 Lords with business interests in private healthcare, plus at least 80 MPs with similar interests, that would benefit from the privatisation of the NHS. How do you think they will be pushing the debate?
        The paid political liars that keep spouting, "The NHS is safe in our hands", have been laughing at us, as the clink their champagne glasses with their bosom buddies, the corporate leeches, while throwing NHS contracts around for favours.   
          Behind closed doors the biggest sell-off in the NHS has been rolling along, and now it is out in the open. Staffordshire was planning a £1.2bn sell-off of cancer and end-of-life care without proper patient consultation. But now a key leaked document reveals all:

--------Not only is this the first billion-pound NHS privatisation, it is the first time that it has been deemed acceptable to put care designed to meet the needs of our most vulnerable patients on sale.
Uniquely for a privatisation on anything of this scale, there has been no public consultation, simply a series of weak “engagement” events led by paid “patient champions”. For the past year unpaid patients have not been able to have their say. Thanks to the brave person who shared the documents, now they can.
       The background is this: Staffordshire commissioners want to hand the management of all care for cancer and end-of-life patients to a private company, a “prime provider” that will take responsibility for the delivery of care, subcontracting and performance management.-------
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