Sunday, 29 March 2015

Let's Sort This Mess Out.

       We should always be alive to the fact that everything we take as decent conditions in our lives, was never given to us by the system and the powers that be. Everything from half-decent housing to medical care, from the length of the working day to holidays with pay, from lunch breaks to forming a union, all of these things were extracted from an unwilling system and its managers, by the long, bitter and determined struggles, of our forefathers. No matter how confident you may feel about your standard of life, the powers that be are always working hard to take back what we have won by our struggles. As far as the system is concerned, our conditions are a drain on profit and this drain must be limited to as little as possible. Today we are seeing a dramatic and determined attempt by the system, to take back everything we have won over the last hundred years or so. Increases in unsociable working hours, zero hours contracts, dramatic drop in living conditions, slashing of social benefits, and services, and a massive wages depression. These are just some of the fronts where their attack is gaining ground.
     It is sad to think that, what conditions we won by hardship, imprisonment and in some case death, are now being taken back by stealth and propaganda. It is also futile to expect that the political system in place at the moment, will do anything about this plundering of our living standards. The only debate among the political classes is by how much will we be plundered, at what rate will we be plundered, and how far can they go down this road. None of them come up with an alternative, it is austerity rapid, or austerity slow, austerity permanent, or austerity temporarily, only to be administered to our class of course. 
      Meanwhile the country gets richer and richer, the parasite class and their political puppets move into ever more splendour and grandeur, they wallow in luxury that you and I can only imagine. You would need to be an idiot to expect them to start to reverses this pattern of their own accord. If we continue trying to wrest more crumbs from from our masters table, the pattern will just keep repeating itself, we will grab a crust here, perhaps a wee cake there, and then they'll get round to sweeping it all up again. We create all the wealth of this country, by right, it is ours to distribute as we see fit. Isn't time we got round to doing just that? 

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