Saturday, 14 March 2015

Paedophiles And The Corridors Of Power.

         When will we get to the bottom of this paedophilia cesspit, frequented by the high and the mighty? When will we demand an end to the cover-up of those in high places, protected by the all covering blanket of "national security", that is thrown around their vile abusive actions? As they say, there is no smoke without fire, time and time again these accusations come up, and time and time again, political and security services waffle, shunts it into the long grass. This story of paedophiles walking the corridors of power with impunity, has lingered for decades. Now and again some brave soul rises to point the finger, and then disappears into obscurity, stories float around figures in high places, nothing is cleared up, they go on their merry way, but the stories gain in number and longevity, and we are more or less lead to believe it is all the work of a few trouble makers. For these stories to have persisted for so long, against the highest and most powerful in the land, without it being cleared up thoroughly, points to a total ineptitude of our political class, and/or a cover-up of massive proportions. Perhaps this interesting article from A World To Win might help you make up your mind on which option to believe. I'm sure, that if enough of us got behind this abuse of people and power, we could destroy this cancer at the heart of the political charlatans, we could blow it wide open and force the naming and shaming of these brutal abusers, hiding behind the shield of a corrupt establishment.

      -----So for children and survivors the risks of telling the truth are overwhelming. Whistle-blowers face the same risks. One example goes back to the 1980s again. Journalist Don Hale tried to report a case of institutional child abuse in 1984. He was greeted with police harassment and a D-notice which invokes “national security” to block publication. Interestingly for a care home located in Bury, it was not the local police who swooped on Hale’s office. It was Special Branch. This indicates what is loosely termed “national security” was at stake. In the name of “national security” the gloves come off. What is emerging even in mainstream media is the involvement of Special Branch in the cover-up of Establishment paedophile rings. Police detectives have repeatedly revealed to Exaro website that for the past 30 years Special Branch has been warning individual officers off cases that might uncover Establishment paedophiles. Their careers were at stake, they were told. For civilians, their lives are at stake.  -------
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