Friday, 27 March 2015

Just Thinkin'.

       Looking around we can see lots of campaigns, all highlighting failings in the economic system we live under. There are those who point to the injustice of workfare, the bedroom tax, disability assessment process,, the viciousness of “sanctions”, winter deaths from fuel poverty, the ever increasing need for food banks, homelessness, the lack of care in the community for the elderly and the sick, mentally and physically, low wages, zero hour contracts. Then we move on to MP's fiddling, cronyism in high places, massive bonuses to the corporate bosses, the ever widening gap between rich and poor, and this list only scratches the surface. 
      Surely a system with this volume of flaws and injustices, can honestly be assessed as, not fit for purpose. Wouldn't it be better if all those sincere and dedicated campaigners, accepted that it is not their particular issue that is the problem, it is the economic system that is inherently flawed, and it is to that problem we must direct our energies. Capitalism is a beast of exploitation, it can't be other than that, that's how it works, the primary object of any “business” is to make money for its owners, not to serve the public. If it doesn't make money for its owners, then screw the public, it will shut down, no matter the need of that public. We have to get away from the sticking plaster mentality when we are dealing with a terminal cancer. Capitalism has to be put to rest, deposited in the dustbin of history, it has passed the point of being a bit unfair, it is now destroying the planet, and forcing civilisation to extinction. Its continual drive for growth in a world of finite resources, is a recipe for disaster, there are no redeeming factors in capitalism. It spawns wars, increases poverty, widens the gap between rich and poor, its basic principles are greed and exploitation.
       I personally don't think we have that much time to avert a world wide catastrophe, as our insane system drives ever increasing climatic changes, rapes and plunders the earth of all its finite resources, and all in the name of profit for the few. We know we can organise our lives in a more sane and just manner, we know we can manage the earth's resources in a manner that will preserve them and serve all. We have had hundreds of years of an ever failing system that has never delivered what its proponents claimed it would. Let's focus on bring this system down, not trying to patch its festering last days. Let's focus on creating that better world based on the co-operation and will of the ordinary people, a system based on justice, sanity and fairness, one that attempts to live in harmony with the ecosystem that supports us, not destroy it, for the benefit of the few. We have to spread the anarchist dream and work towards making it a reality, the alternative is a profit driven, rapid descent into extinction. 

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