Monday, 16 March 2015

Tomorrow's World, fashioned By TTIP.

       Are we taking TTIP serious enough? Where is the noise? This is no ordinary piece of crap legislation, this is cementing the foundations of corporatism, this trashes completely any illusion of democracy that any naive individual my have been clinging to, this gives corporations power over elected governments. It will mean that those sitting in boardrooms of powerful profit driven corporations will determine the shape our society will take. Anything that stands in the way of their ability to rape and plunder the planet to maximise their profits and power, will be swept away. Anything in the public sector that could be turned to a profit, will be privatised. The full spectrum, from health, education, to public spaces and what we eat, all will be decided on the basis of profit. It paints a picture of a "Tomorrow's World" that will be unbearable and unsustainable.
 Tomorrow’s World!
See the fat cat’s grinning smile
as Corporate Capitalism runs amok,
Chasing profit as it goes
firing millions of ordinary folk.
Raping and polluting land after land,
starting bloody wars.
Toxic waste, sweat shop wages
and oil covered sea shores.
Where have all the flowers gone
beneath this ozone free sky?
To join the birds, to join the fox
on yonder plutonium field to die.
Mercury fish, strontium lamb
trees that never show a leaf,
radio active beaches, toxic streams
good lean BSE-antibiotic beef.
In a world of epidemic, plague and famine
it’s bottled water and chemical food.
Of course, it’s all tested on rats and mice
so you know its got to be good.
Beneath a sky that’s always black,
hurricane winds and endless drought,
its oxygen masks for the toxic air,
corporate profit’s what its all about.
This is an appeal from 38 Degrees:
Thanks for signing the petition to your local MP candidates.

      The more of us who sign, the more likely we can push all these candidates to realise that they must stand up to TTIP. Can you share the petition with your friends and family too? Just click the links below to share:
Or you can forward using the email text below.
      38 Degrees members are coming together in town centres across Scotland on Saturday the 28th March to collect signatures on big local petitions, calling on our MP candidates to stop TTIP. Will you join in and set up an street event in your local area? Just click the link below to get started:

Thanks for being involved,
Jen, Bex, Maddy & the 38 Degrees team

Have a look at this:

    The text of the TTIP trade deal has been leaked, and it’s confirmed one of our biggest fears: our NHS in Scotland is at risk.
     And it’s not just the NHS. All our public services could be in the firing line from this dodgy trade deal - as well as food safety and environmental protections. We can stop TTIP, but we need to persuade our politicians to defend public services against big business.
    It’s now less than 60 days to the election. Hopeful new candidates are desperate to win votes - the perfect opportunity to push TTIP to the top of their agenda. To make that happen, every candidate from every party needs to know:  TTIP is a huge threat, and they must oppose it.
    With huge public petitions in every constituency, they won’t be able to ignore the issue. It just takes a couple of minutes. Will you sign the petition for your local area?

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