Friday, 6 November 2015

Corporate Fascism Or True Democracy?

       The financial Mafia and multi-national corporations, work relentlessly to ever increase their power over the various states, attempting to standardise legislation so that it works in their favour, allowing them to run roughshod over anything that may hinder their ever more brutal plunder for profit. No country will be able to pass legislation that may hinder the corporate world's projected profits. If they do so, they can face costly legal battles in special courts that favour the corporate world. Health and safety measures could be challenged, environmental protection can be deemed to jeopardise their future profits, and the people can go to hell in a hand cart.
      For far too long the financial Mafia and the corporate fascists have fattened their bank accounts by sucking the blood from the people, spreading misery and deprivation in their wake. They have hi-jacked the world's resources and used its people as mere commodities.The time has surely come when we put a stop to this system that survives by the plundering of the many by the few. This is a man made system of corporate greed, it can be destroyed and replaced by a system of justice, sustainability and co-operation, a system that sees to the needs of all our people. However, this can only be done by the people, when the people have that desire for justice for all. Have we reached that time?  
A sample of what is in store for us, from SumOfUs:

Huge news: The final TPP text has just been released to the public. And just as we thought, it's full of give-aways for big business.
     To go into effect, the deal must be ratified by legislatures in countries that include Canada, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. If we can convince even one of those countries not to ratify, the deal could be dead -- but we're really running out of time. 
      SumOfUs is one of the only organizations in the world with enough global reach to launch and support grassroots campaigns everywhere where widespread opposition to the TPP exists. We need your help to make opposition to this deal as strong as we possibly can. Will you chip in £1 to help stop the TPP?
Yes, I'll donate £1 to help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
     It's absolutely astonishing that a deal this huge would be negotiated entirely in secret. 792 million people live in countries that are party to this deal, yet this is the first any of us have officially been able to see the full text. And in keeping with the secrecy of the deal, the text was released at midnight in New Zealand when they thought most of the world wouldn't notice. 
     We don't think you should need a law degree to make sense of the deal that will affect every single one of us. So we need to make sure the public knows that this deal will drive up drug costs, weaken workers' rights, and put corporations on the same level as sovereign nations, able to sue in special TPP courts to overturn protections for consumers and the environment.
Will you donate £1 to help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
       If you chip in today, here’s just some of what we’ll be able to do together:
Create easy-to-understand, sharable explanations of what's wrong with the TPP to share on social media. Work across party lines to get conservatives and progressives who oppose the deal working together. For instance, in the U.S., top candidates in both parties have come out against the TPP, putting enormous pressure on Congress to say no.
      Target MPs who are up for re-election in Australia and New Zealand and Canada's new government.
       The TPP has never been so close to becoming a reality, but we can still stop it if we all pitch in. Will you donate £1 today?
Yes, I'll chip in £1 to help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Thanks for all that you do,

Jon and the rest of the SumOfUs team
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