Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Sacrificed, On War's Red Altar Lie.

      To mark Remembrance Day, with an abhorrence of war, and all those who plan, engineer and profit from its vile destructive power, two short passages from the recently re-discovered Political Essay by the young Percy Bysshe Shelley. One the first passage, the second is the last passage from the poem. 
DESTRUCTION marks thee! o’er the blood-stain’d heath
Is faintly borne the stifled wail of death;
Millions to fight compell’d, to fight or die
In mangled heaps on War's red altar lie.
The sternly wise, the mildly good, have sped
To the unfruitful mansions of the dead

Oppressive law no more shall power retain,
Peace, love, and concord, once shall rule again,
And heal the anguish of a suffering world;
Then, then shall things, which now confusedly hurled,
Seem Chaos, be resolved to order’s sway,
And errors night be turned to virtue’s day.
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