Monday, 9 November 2015

Glasgow's Walk Of Pride, November 17th.

     Citizens of Glasgow should be proud of their heritage in working class struggle, over the centuries they have fought and won many a battle for better conditions in their homes, and in the work place, not just for themselves, but for everybody. It has always been a city of struggle for the many, and our previous generations of men and women have always risen with determination and pride to what ever challenge the system threw at them. It was February 3rd 1919 that one of Glasgow's better know anarchists, Guy Aldred, arrived from London to stay in Glasgow, when asked why Glasgow, his reply was," --he was attracted to Glasgow by its citizen's truculent attitude, rebellious spirit and disrespect for leaders."  Can we grow that spirit and add a large dose of pride.
      One of the many victories we Glaswegians can can take great pride in, is the 1915 Rent Strike. By solidarity, determination and co-operation, between the women of the districts of Glasgow/Clydeside and the workers in the yards and factories, they beat the landlords, and forced the government to freeze all rents across the country until the end of the war.
      November 17th. marks the centenary of that great victory, and to honour with pride that event, a Walk of Pride, will take place on November 17th 2015.
       Let's make this the noisiest, largest, walk Glasgow has seen in years. Bring the implements used in the Rent Strike, pots and pans, whistle, racquets, banners, let's show our pride in that massive victory and all those determined women and men that came together to make an unbeatable working class army.
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