Wednesday, 25 November 2015

War, Racism, Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

     Our Western imperialist warlords are frothing at the mouth and spinning around in a frenzy attempting to convince us that the slaughter of civilians is an honourable cause. In their desire to unleash unbelievably powerful modern weaponry,  they try to conceal the fact that it is cities, towns, villages and their inhabitants, that are being pulverised, not an ideology. The Paris massacre is grasped by them as a reason for the intensification of their usual racist agenda of divide and rule. There propaganda machine, the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, spews out vile racist vomit, trying to convince us that a working class family in the Middle East is inferior to a working class family in the West, their lives of less value, and should be feared. However we should all be aware, that a bus driver with a family in Syria, is doing the same as a bus driver with a family in the West, trying to provide for that family. The people of this planet are not the problem, it is the economic system of power, greed and wealth, sponsored by multi-national corporations and endorsed by imperialist governments. Until we sort that problem out, we will continue struggling against racist propaganda and continuous wars, with all the misery and suffering that entails. In this climate of engineered fear and racism, we must stand together. It is the ordinary people of the world who will have to sort this destructive and exploitative mess out. We can't rely on a Messiah coming with the grand plan and leading us to that promised land, they have all failed in the past and consumed with greed for power, lead us into a desert of deprivation and carnage.
      This Saturday November 28th is a chance to come together and show that solidarity with all the ordinary people of this planet. The world is our village, its people our family. War and racism are two sides of the same coin.
Sat 28 Nov - 
St Andrew's Day March and Rally

Assemble 10:30am Glasgow Green, march off 11am, rally 12 noon Glasgow Film Theatre
No Racism: Refugees Welcome Here
The STUC's annual march against racism, more important this year than ever.
Organised by the STUC
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