Thursday, 19 November 2015

The State's Assumption Of The Monopoly On Violence.

      Since that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, continues its coverage of the Paris massacre, with its one sided hypocritical, self righteous view of the world, I feel it is only right that other views must also be heard.
       Again I repeat, without losing or diminishing the sympathy for all those who suffered in that brutal massacre in Paris, and certainly in no way condoning the savage viciousness of the religious nutters who perpetrated this insanity, we should not forget, the French Republic is built on bodies of the innocent and cemented with their blood. An imperialist state where the red of its flag is the blood of innocents. Like all imperialist powers, it is a power structure held together with repression and brutal violence for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. Like all states, it will not hesitate to use its power against it own people, as they have all done in the past, and then lie about the deaths of innocents, or classify their deaths as "unavoidable collateral damage". The imperialist powers of the world assume a monopoly on violence and stir up hatred by their savage plunder of others' lands in their never ending greed for more wealth, power, resources and markets. The imperialist world of competition for power and and wealth is insanity in the extreme, and we should not be surprised that it spawns violence in all the corners of the planet. This being so, why not here on our own doorstep? The system is our problem, not the people on the planet. 
Photos from the the October 1961 Paris massacre of anti war demonstrators.

Neither their War, nor their Peace!

We must annihilate the enemies of the Republic… and strip those who besmirch the French spirit of their nationality.”
Manuels Valls, Prime Minister, 14th of November 2015

         If one has to recognize a certain continuity of the French Republic, its for sure the continuity of mass murder. From the State Terror of 1793-1794 which gave birth to the word terrorism to the slaughter of the insurgents of 1848 and those of the Commune of 1871; from the colonisation or the deportation of Jews made possible by prior screening and filing to the massacres of Algerian demonstrators in 1961 in the heart of Paris, all French Republics have massacred without counting so that the powerful might continue to dominate and exploit everyone. The French Republic is a mountain of corpses of which the filth that composes the summit has only be able to stay in place by crushing its true enemies, the rebels and revolutionaries who fought for a world of justice and freedom. The “French spirit”, if this enormous stupidity would ever exist, would be a closet filled up until the point of bursting with voices crying for vengeance against the bourgeois, the politicians, the cops, the soldiers and the priests who have trampled them to establish their power.
       Ah, but that’s all rubbish from the past, isn’t it? Do the decades of civil participation, commodity integration and generalised dispossessing really made forget those who still preserved a slightest touch of sensibility that firing randomly into the crowd is not an exclusivity of remote terrorists? That since several years the French State is making its great return on the international scene of state terrorism by multiplying its military attacks in the four corners of the globe (Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Central Africa, Iraq, Syria)? The pretext changes each time, but the reasons stay the same: to maintain control of strategic resources, to win new markets and influence zones, to preserve its interests against competitors, to avoid that insurrections are transformed into experiments of freedom. And if it was still needed, warnings have been given also to avert the indolent that this war logic will not know any territorial limit: the death of a demonstrator last year in Sivens or the bodies riddled with shrapnel in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and in Montabot recall that the offensive grenades in khaki do not hesitate, also not here, to be launched against crowds as to sow terror.
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