Friday, 20 November 2015

The Madness Of Frenzied Consumerism.

        You can already hear the rumble of the consumerism sewer pipe, as the garbage flood that is Black Friday starts to attempt to poison the minds of all living under the deluge of pointless corporate consumerism. They must raise the panic level, they must infest your mind, don't be left behind, get out there and grab your happiness from the avalanche of super bundles of trinkets. Get in there with flaying arms and blind determination, the bigger the box the greater your happiness, don't let yourself be beaten in the frenzy of insanity, walk over the elderly, crawl under your neighbour. The rush, the shove, the push, the trampling, must mean there is something of value there for ME. A day of insanity, all to help feed the already overflowing coffers of the greedy corporate world. It is the festival of candy-floss and bubble gum, the main produce of the capitalist consumer world.
       Of course this insanity should be resisted at all costs, let them fill their selves with their trinkets, candy-floss and bubble gum, and watch their panic as it continues to sit on the shelves. Who knows, if we resist their intended greed fest, we may see a few CEO jump from their penthouse balconies.
On this subject, I re-post this from Not Buying Anything:
It's coming again - Black Friday.
      Yes, yet another apocalypse of extreme shopping that transforms regular people into consumer zombies. Why bother getting trampled or having an arm taken off by a falling television when you could avoid the shops entirely and do something infinitely more constructive?
Naturally, I have a few suggestions:
         Plan a White Friday, white being the colour of peace. Reach out to someone you are experiencing conflict with and extend an olive branch. Donate money to a non-profit that promotes peace around the world. Practice forgiveness for the whole day.
         Make it a Blue Friday. Know someone that is feeling down? Do something to make them feel better. When you are done you will feel better, too.
        Have a Green Friday and do something for the environment. Ride a bike instead of driving, start a recycling program, tell someone about something green that you are doing. Go for a walk, hike or roll.
         Make it a real Black Friday and have a lie in while in a darkened room. Get up when you are rested, and not a moment before.
          After you get up, sit quietly and explore the black space between your ears for a while. Repeat throughout the day. Nothing pays off as much as discovering more about the workings of the black box of your mind. Tracing your thoughts and pin-pointing your motivations means that you can better understand and choose your behaviour. You will make yourself more impervious to advertisement and propaganda, like the kind that leads to bizarre behaviours such as the consumer madness represented by Black Friday.
       That is black as in emptiness, the void, and the dark side of destruction. Why would one consciously choose that when there are so many alternatives?

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