Saturday, 7 November 2015

Let The Dream Commence.


       We live in a society based on illusion and deception, continually swamped in a morass of propaganda that sells the lie, that happiness comes in different shaped boxes at different prices. The dearer the price, the bigger the box, the greater the happiness. One of the basic tenets of this smoke and mirrors society is the "self", all that matters is you, if you work really hard, you can have that large house in the country, with a large powerful car, and lots of exotic holidays abroad. If on the other hand, you find yourself poor and struggling, then you are just not working hard enough.
      There is never any mention of the fact that those with the most wealth, far from earning it by working hard, they got it by exploiting others, or they inherited from others, who, in the first place, had gathered it from plunder and exploitation.
       What this society  delivers to the ordinary people is benefit sanctions, workfare, (slave labour) bedroom tax, increasing homelessness, poverty and deprivation. It is estimated that this Christmas, you know, that season of plenty, family fun and warm homes, 90,000 kids will spend it being homeless. During our winters, around 22,000 elderly die from cold related problems, too poor to heat their homes properly, and poorly insulated housing.
       Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Department of Health’s chief medical officer, said severe weather could “substantially add to the average winter death toll.”
She wrote in Public Health England’s Cold Weather Plan for England 2014-15: “Excess deaths are not just deaths of those who would have died anyway in the next few weeks or months due to illness or old age.
“There is strong evidence some of these deaths are indeed “extra” and are related to cold temperatures, living in cold homes as well as infectious diseases such as influenza.”
      The truth is the enemy of this society, hence the need to cover everything in flashing lights, tinsel and deception. The truth is that we the people are being bled to death, while we create an abundance of wealth. Unimaginable wealth that is hived off into fewer and fewer hands. If the truth is broadcast enough, it will become obvious to us all, that this cannot and should not go on. We who create all of this wealth live amidst homelessness, child poverty, fuel poverty and ever deceasing living standards, while the exploiting plunders grow ever richer and richer.

      A better world is possible, we have the ability, the strength and the resources, we have the imagination, all we are lacking is that burning desire to tear down this fabricated  insanity, of creating wealth for the few at our own expense. We built everything you see, we done it for a greed few, we can build a better world for ourselves if we so desire. Solidarity, co-operation, mutual aid, respect for each other and sustainability are the building blocks. We can start by taking control of our communities, building self-help groups to circumvent the need to draw on the corporate world, shaping things in those communities the way we want them Let's take our dreams from the drawing board into the real world.

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