Monday, 23 November 2015

The Baying Hounds Of War.


      In our imperialist world, the hounds of war are always growling, ever eager to exert their viciousness. On occasions they are kept in check by the public's distaste for war and violence. The Paris massacre has been a gift to the war mongers, the hounds of war are now straining at the leash and howling loud and fierce. Our so called democratic leaders are now declaring, "we are at war", not that we have ever been at peace. The image of war that they try to portray is one where we, the "righteous" go out and defeat the bad guys, and things go back to that illusionary idyllic past where everything was "nice". Of course war is not quite like that, as one side attacks the cities and homes of the other, the other intensifies its effort in doing likewise.  That's what war is.
      The Cameron, Hollande, Obama, warlord trio, have for years now been trying to engineer the downfall of the Syrian regime, but it hasn't been going too well, and with Russia in there supporting Assad, Paris has been the golden opportunity for them to raise there game. One thing we can be certain of, is that no matter who bombs Syria, the civilian population will bear the brunt of that violence. and when the last bomb has fallen, Syria, once a developed country,  will be reduced to a stone age territory, steeped in the blood of innocent civilians. Its people will be scattered to the four corners of the planet and the imperialist corporations will have their hands on the oil and gas in that area. That's what it is all really about, without the oil and gas in the area, you wouldn't see a a Western imperialist military unit even looking in that direction.
       States and capitalism, the perfect formula for greed driven destruction, and as long as we live by such criteria, we will spiral deeper and deeper into that void of destruction. However, it doesn't have to be that way, we have the power, the ability and the resources to end this destructive, exploitative system and replace it with a system based on sustainability, mutual aid and co-operation, a system of justice that sees to the needs of all our people and banishes the cancer of capitalism to the dustbin of history as man's darkest hour.
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