Sunday, 15 November 2015

Glasgow's Walk Of Pride.

        A rallying call, for this Tuesday, 17th. November, 12 noon, this is not a protest march, it is a Walk of Pride, a chance for all Glaswegians to show their pride in their parents and grandparents. In the struggles that they fought, the poverty and repression they endured with solidarity and dignity. The battles they won, against all the odds. November 1915 saw the rent strike victory over the greed of landlords, forcing the government of the day to introduce The Rent Restriction Act, freezing rents across the whole of the UK, until the end of the war.
       This was no mean victory, it took the combined determination and solidarity of all the women in the districts of Glasgow and Clydeside, combined with the unstinting support of the workers in the shipyards and factories of Clydeside.
       Let's hold our heads high, show our pride in that spirit of solidarity, and determination that built an unbeatable working class army of ordinary people. Let's make it a fun day, let's celebrate our history, our culture. Come along in your groups, families, friends and neighbours. Bring your noise with you, let's create that noise that rallied the women of the time to come out and face down the sheriff officers. Bring pots, pans, whistles, drums, racquets, banners and music. Let's walk with pride, it's our history, a history of solidarity. 
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