Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Cameraman's Oversight!!!

        While the babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, has been over in France covering the football and the "supporters" kicking the shit out of each other, it seems amazing that with all their high-tec equipment and rapid access to getting anything of interest to their pulp making base here in the UK, they seem to have missed a few facts. One being that France, has been in turmoil for weeks with strikes, mass protests, and streets bathed with water cannons, and a haze of tear gas hanging in the air. Eager to show those nasty Russians kicking the shit out of those nice law abiding English, they failed to notice the French police in riot gear, kicking the shit out of the French citizens. You would be lead to believe that the only violence in France was those nasty Russians, everywhere else the population were sitting in cafés sipping cappuccinos.
       Here are a couple of "little incidents" that all those cameras and microphones seem to have missed. Probably a small oversight, or biased or censored reporting.

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  1. The real journalism died long ago at the hands of propaganda. They do not hide it anymore: little bread and much circus, that's what we have. No media has echoed the so-called Robin Hood Strike. Workers have been cutting electric light to big factories and rich neighborhoods, and supplying it to poor neighborhoods. But they don't want these actions of genuine workers' sovereignty to become known, it could spread and create a climate of solidarity.

    "The “Robin Hood” French: union cut the light to companies to give to poor households"

    "French unions are determined to step up the fight against labor reform Government of François Hollande . The passing of the days of the general strike has led workers to redouble forces with new shares. And among them trade union organization CGT, one of which is captaining the demonstrations, pointed to the electricity the country, but directing his movement in a very concrete way "We will not drop the 400,000 volt lines to engulf France in the black, however, can cut here and there", said Marie-Claire Cailletaud, a spokeswoman for CGT."