Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Crime That Was Iraq, Blew The Region Apart.

        Anybody with a grain of sincerity accepts that the invasion of Iraq was raw Western imperialism in all its savagery, it was nothing more than a brutal grab for resources, spearheaded by today's leading imperialist power, America. Of course the UK and other minions of the American empire wanted a slice of the plunder, so the played their part. The architects of that vicious onslaught on the people of Iraq have now slipped into wealthy sidelines of the empire, to live out their lives in opulence, but the people of that region are still in the turmoil of war and slaughter. All this will always be dressed up as bring down a dreadful dictator and bring democracy to the people of Iraq. In that region soaked in blood, the flower of democracy has still not seen the light of day. The savagery and the viciousness unleashed by the Western imperialists has spread across the whole region. Millions live in constant terror, trauma, poverty, death and destruction, so that the West can control the resources of that region. 
      The Chilcot inquiry is meant to throw some light on the reasoning behind the whole Iraq disaster, but what will be revealed, and what will be concealed, for so called "security reasons". The establishment will do its utmost to make sure that the truth of this human disaster will never be revealed to the public.
This from Stop The War:
The People's Chilcot Tribunal
8th June, 3-8pm
Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre Auditorium
17-25 New Inn Yard London EC2A 3EA
          The date of the publication of the Chilcot report is fast approaching. It is clear that the establishment will try to deflect attention away from the examination of the lies and the crimes which the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq entailed.
          They will also try to hide the real economic and geopolitical motives behind the invasion. Under Western occupation, Iraq was treated as a "blank slate". Paul Bremer, the US-imposed governor of occupied Iraq, quickly imposed a neo-colonial constitution which forced open Iraq's markets to Western corporations and enabled them to privatise/plunder the major Iraqi companies and natural resources, including oil of course.
Stop the War Coalition is hosting a People's Chilcot Tribunal to establish who was to blame for Iraq's ongoing tragedy, including over a million deaths, the spread of fundamentalism and conflict across the region, including millions of desperate refugees who are still fleeing for their lives from a region ravaged by war. There will be testimony from a wide range of people including former UN envoy to Iraq Hans von Sponeck, ex-soldiers Ben Griffin and Geoff Martin, writer Tariq Ali, Iraqi dissident and lecturer Sami Ramadani, journalist and playwright Richard Norton-Taylor, political commentator Peter Oborne, Stop the War convenor Lindsey German, CND general secretary Kate Hudson and Peter Brierley from Military Families Against the War.
Tickets are selling fast so make sure you book your place now. Please invite your friends as well. We will also hold a public meeting the day after the report is released.
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