Monday, 6 June 2016

The Bumpy Road To Aberfolye.

        Still the sun shines, and our dour Scottish personality is already saying, "Aye, we'll pay for this", but grab it while we can. Another glorious day temperature in the 20's and a light wind, magic. After last weeks nasty experience on the Loch road, I decided to go for the Trossachs and settled for Aberfoyle. It has been a few years since I took the bike to this lovely spot. It was a very pleasant run though not much in the way of flat roads. However, again the road surface raises its ugly head. After you go round the round-about at the Rob Roy Inn, the road is a disgrace, as the main road into Aberfoyle, it is broken, potholed, rough  and a danger to cyclists. You have to suffer about half to three quarters of a mile if unrelenting bangs and bumps, on a narrow busy road. I don't know if it is a fact that many motorists are unaware of what goes on under their car while driving over these road surfaces, and they just accept it, but it is costing them money on damaged shock absorbers and tyres. Perhaps if they wake up to that fact they may complain more and get something done about the problem. Of course you face the same road on the way out of Aberfoyle. Never the less, a beautiful day out.
About four years since I visited this lovely spot on the bike.
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  1. The River Forth draws some beautiful meanders in its way through Stirling. I've been looking at Google Hearth and the place is really beautiful.

  2. We have a very varied and lush country, and very beautiful, but I imagine most people think there own country to be beautiful. However, we should remember that we were not born there by our own skills, but by a trick of nature.

    1. I am a stateless person and I think that if there is an ugly place on earth, is not the fault of nature but of human beings. I love Scotland, the same way I love any other place on earth. As the singer says: "This land is my land, this land is your land".

  3. Like you, I honour no state, but familiarity with the nooks and crannies we crawl around tend to make us feel more at home. I have visited several countries and find them all fascinating and wonderful, but sooner or later, I hanker for that familiarity.