Friday, 24 June 2016

Forgotten Women Warriors.

         Women have always played a very important part in the struggles of the ordinary people, but so often there contribution and their names, fade into the fog of history and are forgotten. Glasgow remembers some, Ethel MacDonald, Helen Crawfurd, Mary Barbour, to mention a few, but how many have we forgotten? For those, myself among them, who feel we should do everything we can to bring these lost and forgotten warriors back into the forefront of our history, there is an interesting site, The Beautiful Nihilist. Though it refers to Russian Nihilists, it still makes interesting reading and shines a light on some forgotten warriors of struggle for freedom.
Vera Zassulitch.
       Welcome to The Beautiful Nihilist: Representations of Revolutionary Women. The goal here is to gather material from the popular press depicting radical and particularly militant women, in all its sensationalist and often exploitative glory. The articles and tales collected here document a familiar fascination with a political variety of femme fatale, often with a great deal of emphasis on the sexual desirability and social status of the women portrayed in presumably “unwomanly” acts of violence. At the same time, however, the tabloid presentation often allows important bits of history and biography to show through. Indeed, in many cases, this spectacular journalism is all that we have to document the lives of women who were on the front lines of the most militant sorts of struggles.
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