Monday, 13 June 2016

We Have To Destroy To Build A New.

      New York, what is going on, a picture that you will not get on our babbling book of bullshit, the mainstream media. Well worth the watching through its 31 minutes. No Borders, Sur Negro, First Chapter, New York.

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  1. In the current speculative economy each corrective measure contributes to deteriorate the situation. But we are still rapidly moving through the same route (dead).

    What is it that prevents the most powerful in the world to take action and halt the downward spiral that this mad rush throws us all when they should know that the ensuing apocalypse will be for them too?

    The urgency of immediate interest not allow them to act, although those with more means to do so. Who throws the first stone? One that then go bankrupt, while others would keep their treasures. Capital (each individual capitalist, each business group, each trade bloc), can not help but always pursue the most benefit.

    Immersed in an eternal play poker, the batting and discover your cards is doomed to lose the game. Not a second of distraction, while wanes play of play in the value of the cards. In this duel between gunmen dies the one who not holsters on time.

    And once with the gun in hand, only remains shoot.