Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Glasgow Peoples Press.

    Over the years, anarchists and libertarian socialists have produced a mountain of zines, newspapers, serials, etc. and those in Glasgow are no exception. The vibrant people of our city have added more than their fair share to that legacy of literature, detailing the struggles, anger, dreams and hopes of the ordinary people. We at Spirit of Revolt are very proud to have collected a considerable number of these publications and are working hard to make them available on line, so that those involved in struggle today, can learn from the past, and grasp the fact that their struggle is not a new struggle, but the same struggle as previous generations.
         The latest paper to be digitalised by Spirit of Revolt, and made available for you to read on line is one that, though there were not a tremendous number of issues, 11, in fact, it was popular and influential, namely Glasgow Peoples Press. All 11 issues are held in our archive and are there for you to read on line, see T-SOR 3-56-6 John Cooper Collection. The latest addition to our Read of the Month gives a short summary of this paper, highlighting issue No.6. Have a look, we know you will find it all very interesting and we hope helpful in your struggles.
 Image from Glasgow Peoples Press No.11.
       I'm sure there are a lot of anarchists/libertarian socialists etc. out there and they may have a bob or two in their pockets, if so, and you like what we are doing, remember, it's your history, perhaps you could make your way to the Contribute page. Any small donation, a one of, or a regular direct debit, a couple of quid or so, will be gratefully accepted, and can be the life blood that keeps us going, doing what we think, and I hope you think, is a very important part in the preservation of the history and heritage of the people of this city. Go on, look at our site, and ask yourselves, do you want to help.
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