Sunday, 19 June 2016

Singing In The Rain.

      Once again I was visited by the evil of the computer world, my computer decided to crash and leave me with a black screen. After a day of typing in gibberish, and getting "unknown command", I gave up and popped it into your friendly computer repair shop. I got it back working, but lots of stuff gone, so I've been trying to get it back to where it was before the dreaded black death. Hence my ranting mind being clamped in the sound of silence for the last week. Where would we be without the internet.
View of the Campsie Hills at Campsie Glen, before you start the walk.
     So today, in spite of the rain, I decided to escape on the dream machine, and head for familiar territory, the Campsies. It was dull and overcast with drizzle when I left, and raining steadily on the way back. However, I didn't suffer too much at all, despite the dampness, and thoroughly enjoyed the outing.
The view as you start the glen walk, too rough for my delicate bike.
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