Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Engine Still Runs.

        After Sunday's fall at Tarbet, I went to bed with a stiff left knee and a tender bruise on my left calf, I suppose it is where my calf hit the pedal, or the pedal hit my calf, I'll leave that intellectual debate for later. I woke up on Monday morning with a stiff left knee, a darker tender bruise on my left calf, a stiff left wrist and a slight soreness on my left shoulder. This lead me to the conclusion that at my age when you fall, you don't bounce, you crunch.
      I decide that Monday and Tuesday would be, a take it easy couple of days, but Wednesday was so beautiful that I decided to to test the body to see if it still worked. So off I went on the bike, what a wonderful day, a short run out to Campsie Glen, with the usual eating ritual, and felt great, no ill effects. Back home in reasonable style with a smile on my face. Still the odd ache here and there, but the engine still runs.
        No, this is not Germany, it is Haughhead at Campsie Glen, one of those weird places where strange people go to talk to their imaginary friend, who lives in an invisible house in the sky.
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