Monday, 6 June 2016

The Dangerous Infection Of Christian Fundamentalism.

       Our esteemed lords and masters, clinking their glasses in the subsidised bars of that citadel of imperialism, The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, along with our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, are always spewing out verbal sewage about extremists. Of course they always mean the Islamic variety, they never mention the other viral infection on this planet, the Christian variation. This particular sickness is widespread in the US, but is slowly infecting greater numbers here in the UK. Thanks to the Oxbridge cabal of millionaires, so called independent schools are spring up all over the place. In a sane world this would be no bad thing, but when the agenda is set by religious fundamentalism, blind faith, anti-science and egos backed of with big money, the result is far from desirable.
         It has now come to light that there are an increasing number of “faith schools” of the Christian fundamentalist variety, popping up in this country, the most virulent variety being those under the banner of Accelerated Christian Education schools, (ACE) these establishments are a variation of an "education" system, (translates as propaganda system) spawned and developed in the Southern Baptist states of the US, and among the poison they spread is creationism as fact, and women’s submissive position to men. Children are taught in divided slots partitioned from each other. This fundamentalism is extremely dangerous and can poison the minds of children who grow into adults with a closed and bigoted value structure, creating more and deeper unbridgeable chasms in our society.
         Religion must be taken out of education, be should demand education, not indoctrination. Believers can teach at home, or go to their palaces of hallucination, to spout to the willing, but they should never be allowed to take children and blind them to the real world we live in, with their poisonous bigotry and illusionary world of invisible people and magic.

An interesting article from The Independent: 
         A rare photo inside an Accelerated Christian Education school, from the 1980s. Former pupils say the same classroom format is still used in the UK today
  ------ The textbooks used by the schools have also been criticised for providing allegedly inappropriate material. A number of textbooks seen by The Independent and which are reportedly used in schools appear to include worrying content about gay people, women’s rights and also appear to teach creationism as fact.
       One textbook says: “Homosexual, adjective: having unnatural sexual feelings towards one of the same sex… Homosexual activity is another of man’s corruptions of God’s plan.------
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  1. An old and harmful epidemic that we still have not managed to eradicate.

  2. How long will we allow these idiots with their visions of pie in the sky and invisible men living in an invisible house in the sky have control over our lives. How long will we continue to hand power to these deluded fools, and allow them to shape our society.