Monday, 3 October 2016

The Loch Again.

At Tarbet, with wee balaclava.

         What a day Sunday was, a beautiful run up the Loch, (Loch Lomond) and back down. It was my perfect cycling day, bright sun, virtually no wind, 4/5 mph. and not too cold or too warm around 14/15 degrees. Though there was a bit of a chill factor, hence the wee black balaclava, though maybe it is just my age. Surprising, considering the day, I didn't, encounter many cyclists on the road, but loads of fast cars and extremely fast motorbikes. The little tearoom at Tarbet was the refuelling station, they always do a good thick soup shared this time with my partner, Stasia. She cycled a short run from Inverbeg to Tarbet and back. Nice to have a bit of company, I usually do it all on my own. 
Entering Tarbet from Arrachar.

And of course the Ben, sticking its head up.
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  1. So it is a short distance from Loch Lomond to Loch Long, from Tarbet to Arrochar.
    Every time you post your bicycle rides I enter the Google Hearth to situate myself in the place you've been. What a beautiful country Scotland!

  2. From Arrachar on Loch Long to Tarbet on Loch Lomond is approximately 4+ miles. Apparently the Vikings entered Loch Long, which is an open sea loch and dragged their boats across that 4+ miles of hilly country to Loch Lomond, and plunder the villages around the loch. Quite a way to drag a boat as it is not flat in any part.