Monday, 24 October 2016

Protest Your Injustice, And Be Punished.

      The largest prisoners strike in US history which started on September 9th., and is mainly ignored by that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is still having repercussions throughout the US prison system. Reprisals in many brutal, sadistic and arbitrary forms are being hurtled at the prisoners, those who are involved and those who are not. Such is the prison and judicial system in the US. 
This from Its Going Down:
“Sitting in this 8 x 10 cell, it makes a man wonder if it’s worth it. I’ve heard many of the men yelling, ‘I shouldn’t of went out there.’ It is testing the best of them. They regret making that final call. If they can’t come to terms with the decision they made they will be resentful doing time. They have to realize that only losing everything are they free to do everything. It is in losing we gain. One could wonder what kind of math did God create, but it is all about longevity. And from the looks of it, unless it gets overturned, we are going to be here for a while – in Administrative Segregation, Level 5. They read all mail.”
-Gilbert Morales, a Michigan prisoner facing repression for the uprising at Kinross Correctional
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      A personal story from a fiancé of an inmate at Michigan’s Kinross Correctional Facility. This is the face of American justice, and that of most other prison systems across the world.
This from Shadow Proof 
       The facility stayed on lockdown for 12 days, as prisoners faced more brutal retaliation for their peaceful protest.
       Around 150 prisoners were allegedly accused of being instigators of the action and were transferred. An unknown number were charged with inciting a riot and put in solitary confinement. Others, who said they had nothing to do with the protest, were punished as well.
      “When guys are sick, they won’t do anything about it. When guys are passed out, the medical team won’t come,” Evelyn said when asked about conditions for prisoners living at Kinross.
        On October 10, an inmate named Charles Lee Johnson died at the facility. He was the third inmate to die at a prison in the state within the last month.
       “They called for help and the area where the nurses station is like a minute away from where the guy’s bunk was,” Evelyn said.
        Prison staff allegedly gave Johnson some water and told him to lay down when he complained. He then started convulsing and became unresponsive. It took fifteen minutes for staff to get to him.
        Beyond medical care, prisoners are treated poorly by prison staff. “They pick on them on purpose. They give them tickets on purpose. It’s like its set up for them to fail,” Evelyn explained.
       Evelyn used to visit Anthony once a month. One 4th of July visit was especially great, she said. But Anthony called her a few hours later and told her he had received a disciplinary ticket.
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