Monday, 24 October 2016

Take Them On At Every Opportunity.

        It is always satisfying when workers come together and give a section of the capitalist Mafia a bloody nose. This is what happened in Spain recently, when organised workers took on three companies, through the system's own corrupt judicial system, and managed to cut the syphon tube that was being used to plunder the public purse. Not the end of capitalism, but a good boot in the right place, their bank account.
From Tarcoteca: (not the easiest of translation, but you get the drift)

       These 3 companies, whose anti-worker and abusive practices are widely known in the tecnology industry, and allied with the political mafia, have spent years looting the Public Coffers. Once again it shows that State and Employers go hand in hand with the aim to enrich at the expense of the Worker.

       Now they loose the cushy contracts. At least for 3 years these parasites will not get rich from the public money and we have been able to demonstrate the profound contempt we feel for all of them. We've made a deep wound and we still dream to completely finish them.

No Pity for this Merciless capitalist! 

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*El Corte Inglés is one of the 3 most important Comercial Center corporation in Spain with deep links with fascism, the PP Far Right party on Government and Media. Policial and Militar supplier, also in deals with the ISIS, with 150.000 uniforms. Is an IBEX mafia member and part of his capital comes from the throatcutter Al-Thani Qatar monarchy.
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