Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Anti-fascism In Greece.

      The recent history of the people of Greece has been one of violent struggle. During the second World war, they were occupied by the Nazis, at the end of that war the patriots, that had fought to help drive the Nazis out, found themselves engaged in a war with the British imperial military, who under Churchill's dictate, wanted to eliminate any left-wing resistance to his plan to restore the Greek monarchy, which would be compliant to the will of the British imperialists. However, even the wealthy class in Greece didn't want that bunch back again. Greece was then racked by a civil war as the various factions struggled for control. An authoritarian government gave way to a military take over, ushering the Regime of The Colonels, which despite strong resistance, lasted until 1974. This is a very short, abbreviated, truncated, history of the people of Greece, but it does give you some idea of why there is such strong hatred of the fascists, in that tortured and decimated country.

       On Sunday 2/10 we attacked the building that houses the offices of the Golden Dawn. We threw paint in all spaces of the building and torched the entrance to the offices of the local organization. Our priority was to not threat any human lives so we limited the expansion of the fire. So the “well-wishers” should drop the nonsense about a new Marfin bank incident.
      Our choice to target the residents and owners had clear motives. We want to clarify to them that we consider them jointly responsible for the existence of the fascists’ offices in the city. The historical period we are going through is crucial, and social polarization is inevitable. Thus, we think veryone must be a vital cell in the developments, if we wanna hope for a world without fascists and other such scum. Those who, consciously or not, choose to maintain a neutral stance are complicit to the existence of the fascist leprosy. Those who are responsible for the fact that the war with fascism is so long-term are those who every now and then offered them peace.
      Recently a discussion has opened about the arrival of 2000 refugees and their allocation to the sland of Crete. Simultaneously, all sorts of nationalists-patriots found an opportunity to take to the streets and propagate a sewer of hate and xenophobia. Culminating to the recent incidents in Rethimno, when on Wednesday 28/9 they attacked the antifascist gathering together with the riot cops and in the following days they harassed and beat anyone they did not like. Therefore, this act is a warning message. A small reminder, that our grandparents hung the fascists, they didn’t vote for them, nor did they rent apartments to them. As an active part of the antifascist movement, we are not willing to accept any racist delirium, whether it comes from the murderers of the Golden Dawn, or the scum of Artemis Sorras or anyone else. We will respond accordingly with any means at our disposal. Because you either tolerate fascism or you fight it.

P.S. As for the lads of the G.D., we will meet again and in person…

Next door extremists.


Translated by Act for freedom now!
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