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More On US Prison Strike.

       More on the nation wide US prisoners strike. Brutal repression is taking place within the dark walls of these slave institutions. We should remember Attica prison uprising, September 9th, 1971, which was savagely crushed after the state drowned the public in lies and false information. No doubt they will attempt the same process of either media blackout, or an avalanche of misinformation and down right lies. We owe it to those standing up for justice within those cages of slave labour and repression, to get out as much information as we can and to stand in solidarity with them.
          Less than two days ago … at Kinross unit in Michigan … The warden had come out and was speaking to the inmates, over 400 of them, which had peacefully marched in the yard. But after the warden left, basically, a riot repression team came in and dragged prisoners out of their showers and out of their cells, zip-tied their arms behind their back and threw them out in the yard and left them out there for five to six hours in the rain without any access to bathroom facilities. So the repression that prisoners are facing around the country for having participated in the strike is real, and it’s very severe. So right now we’re really focused on responding in order to help get the word out and get people to call into those units, so that we can help to support those who are being repressed, as well as to continue supporting strike workers, whether that’s people who are continuing to be on work stoppages and rolling work stoppages or continuing to hunger strike.
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From Democracy Now:
        The largest prison work strike in U.S. history has entered its third week. Organizers report that as of last week at least 20 prisons in 11 states continued to protest, including in Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee says at one point about 20,000 prisoners were on strike. With protest has come punishment. Several facilities have been put on lockdown, with prisoners kept in their cells and denied phone access both before and during the strike. Organizers have also been put in solitary confinement.
From Support Prisoners Resistance:
       September 9 was historic. The direct action of prisoners and their supporters successfully poked holes in the thick veil that protects prison from public scrutiny, but we need to tear that veil down to succeed.
       There are still actions occurring in need of immediate support, and news of retaliation leaking out of prisons all across the country. Those of us at the center of prisoner strike support have been working non-stop and we need your help. Rapid response is needed to restrain backlash and protecting strikers, at the same time, maintaining constant pressure and awareness-raising prevents the return to normal.
       Where to get up-to-date information and action suggestions:

How to volunteer:
                  – contact IWOC at to plug in with others in your area, track and research the strike, contribute to anti-repression and legal assistance efforts, transcribe letters from prisoners, coordinate with media, and otherwise build the prisoner’s union in support of direct action behind bars anywhere in the US.

        – contact FAM at to support the organization at ground zero of the prison strike. Since September 9, conflict at Holman prison outside of Atmore Alabama has gotten so intense that even correctional officers spoke out in support of FAM and refused to report to work.
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