Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Where Do We Live When We Finally Screw The Planet?

       A call for all you environmentalists, Earth Firsters, etc., to share you ideas, actions, hopes and fears. Magazines like Earth First can only survive because of people like you, if you like and want the magazine, then put pen to paper, of course today it might be finger to keyboard, but you know what I mean.

We want your writing!
For a semi-regular zine of activist reflections and actions.
       This is an invitation for articles offering a critical analysis and reflections on Earth First! and related environmental and social justice direct action movements, how we organise and the actions we take. Contributions can be about actions in the UK or international. We also welcome book reviews, activist resources, short rants, illustrations, cartoons, poems and photographs. We suggest 500 – 2000 words for articles, but contact us if you want to do something longer.
        We aim to have a zine in print and online by the Earth First! winter moot 2017. All articles will be copyleft and you can choose whether to write anonymously. Deadline November 30 2016.
      Also contact us if you want to join our editorial collective or offer us funding. or contact us if you want to send an article by snail mail.
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