Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tomorrow's World, For People Or For Profit.

        (ANTIMEDIA) Technology powerhouses Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Google, and Amazon announced yesterday they have joined forces to create the Partnershipon Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Benefit People and Society.
       So the big Western technology giants have teamed together to develop artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and society!!! Well let’s not forget, those big boys, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Google and Amazon, are part and parcel of the big corporate cabal that is in constant overdrive to control everything in this world, benefiting people and society is not high on their agenda, profit is. It is obvious that in a capitalist society, as robots and hi-tec appliances grow in number and sophistication, employing people will go down, but profits will go up.
      All this hi-tec growth, reducing labour, would be a wonderful thing, if society was organised to benefit all the people and see to their needs, on an equal and fair basis. However that’s not the way our society is organised, as production improves, more labour will be flung on the scrap heap, after all, capitalism is about profit for the corporations, not about people’s needs. So we should be extremely worried by this coming together of some of the biggest corporations on the planet, to plan for a world where people are superfluous. Added to that there is a great deal of anxiety among lots of scientists and other experts on this drive for artificial intelligence, with a belief that we are opening an uncontrollable can of worms.
--------- It should come as no surprise that software programmed by humans, who are flawed, will reflect and even amplify those human flaws. The White House released a report in May highlighting the major potential for discrimination in “Big Data.” A quick look at the table of contents shows that mitigating discrimination is a challenge in every area. A report published byProPublica showed risk assessment programs used by courtrooms across the nation turned up significant racial disparities, falsely labeling black defendants as future criminals at twice the rate of whites.
        Though the public is skeptical of AI, most people are unaware of these shortcomings.
        Even so, a poll conducted by the British Science Association shows “60 per cent think that the use of robots or programmes equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to fewer jobs within ten years, and 36 per cent of the public believe that the development of AI poses a threat to the long term survival of humanity.”
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