Tuesday, 25 October 2016

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall.

       Back after my wee break across the channel, and with a day like today, blue sky, bright sun and wind forecast as 1-3 mph increasing to 5mph later in the afternoon, who could resist throwing their leg over the bike and heading out. Though getting a bit on the cold side for me, I decided to grab what I can before the clock goes back. That's usually my signal to put the bike away until the start of next year. However, I'll try to steal any days that come along like today. Today it was my home territory, the Campsie area, ever beautiful, even more so now that the autumn tints of copper, brown and gold are creeping in through the lush green. Ah, the beauty of this enchanted place.
Autumn tints creeping into the Campsie area.
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