Saturday, 29 October 2016

Union of Anarchist Groups, Rare Pamphlet..

      Spirit of Revolt are delighted to be able to reproduce another rare anarchist pamphlet from their collection, thanks to comrade John Cooper. This is a pamphlet from the Congress of the Union of Anarchist Groups, held in Glasgow, December 2-3, 1945. 
       You can read this rare pamphlet on line HERE   The aim at Spirit of Revolt is to make the history of anarchism as easy accessible as possible, by digitising as much of the material in our collections as we can. This is a long term project with an ever growing array of interesting, important and rare material becoming available to us. Although we are all dedicated volunteers, sadly in this capitalist world, it requires that filthy stuff, money, there are costs involved, for web-hosting, equipment. etc. If you like what we are doing, and think it is a worth while project, perhaps some of you anarchists and like minded people would like to contribute to the preservation of anarchist material by making a small one of donation, no donation is too small, or perhaps you could see your way to making a steady monthly contribution. You can rest assured, any donation will be appreciated and well spent.

     You can donate HERE. Thank you.
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