Sunday, 16 October 2016

Under Capitalism, What Rights??

        I am always surprised by those who shout that they have the right to protest. Protest has never been a right under capitalism, but it is a duty. Protests, in this authoritarian system that governs our every day life, will only be tolerated if it is deem to to be unsuccessful. If it looks like gaining support and edging towards success, it will be dealt with by one or more of the states repression units. Many have paid a heavy and brutal price while taking up that so called right to protest, You may see protest as a right, but the system says no. If you wish to protest, you will have to be prepared to fight. So let’s change our mind set, and see protest, not as a right, but as our duty, a necessary tool to change the system of exploitation and greed, to one of caring, equality and sustainability.
      Solidarity with organized Mexican students against corruption and institutional violence! 
       On Friday, October 7, a group of organized students of “CECyT 5” in Mexico City, who maintain an indefinite strike, was brutally repressed by about 60 thugs outside the campus. Many of them were seriously injured, bruises and a boy has deep head wounds. The reasons for this movement are the corruption of the authorities that make dirty dealings of financial resources of public universities, and the constant violence against of all organizational efforts of students, parents and academics, conducted by the interim director Ernesto León Pineda, through these thugs groups, the Industrial Bank Police (PBI) and cowardly defamation on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    The authorities of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the CECyT 5 -defended by the mass-media- have initiated a number of legal demands against some students who only exercise their right to protest.

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