Thursday, 4 November 2010


        Over the years I have written several articles on depleted uranium, some in blogs and websites and one for the newspaper Freedom. I have highlighted the horrors in Serbia and Kosovo caused by NATO forces use of depleted uranium weaponry on the people of that unfortunate region. Also the use of these same weapons much closer to home at the weapons testing range at Dundrennan on the Solway Firth. However all that was dwarfed by the US and UK forces use of these weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. What has unfolded in these regions must rate as the one of the greatest ever state crimes. In regions of Iraq the rate of birth defects has risen into the stratosphere, cancers and other diseases have sky-rocketed and this is set to continue for many years to come. Yet most people in the West are blissfully ignorant of what their governments have done in their name, not only to these countries, but to our own troops, and of course our governments play dumb and carry on using these weapons of mass destruction.
          To once again attempt to highlight this state crime against innocent people I have lifted part of someone elses article on the subject.
          You can read the whole article HERE. 
         "Most Americans have no idea that depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military are causing one of the greatest environmental nightmares in the history of the world. In fact, most Americans have no idea what depleted uranium even is. But even as many Americans gobble down their burgers and french fries and pizza and enjoy the "good life" watching their big screen televisions, an entirely different story is being written on the other side of the world. In Iraq and Afghanistan today, there are some areas that have been so polluted by depleted uranium that they have literally become uninhabitable hellholes. Americans like to think of themselves as so "environmentally conscious", but the truth is that one of the greatest environmental tragedies of all time is being caused by the U.S. military and yet nobody seems to care."
      The full article is a must read.

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