Saturday, 20 November 2010


      The millionaire cabal at the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption are always spouting about how everything they do is fair. Their austerity cuts that will throw another million on the dole, is in their way of thinking, fair. A freeze on public sector pay, while the top banksters and other financial over lords reap massive bonuses, is fair. So with these standards of fairness it is no surprise to see that the fair plans for the House of Corruption is to reduce the elected Commons from 650 members to 600 while at the same time they have just announced an extra 54 new members to the Lords bring them up to approximately 750. A little closer look at those 54 new unelected Lords and we find that 43 of them are supports of the millionaires coalition, loading the dice would you say? Of course as we would expect from the millionaire's fairness team most of that 54 unelected over privileged mob, are wealthy donors to the three main parties. Fund us and we will see you fixed up with a wee peerage and all the privileges that go along with the grand title.
       A system of privilege and complete unfairness is the only way to sum of this system of rule by parasites. Millionaires discussing with their millionaire friends in the corporate world about how to carve up the assets of this country to their advantage. Every change that they are implementing will bring lasting hardship to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society and profit the the corporate world. The ordinary people will have to take the pain as the millionaires set about changing society away from any semblance of a welfare system to a free market corporate society. They plan to change society into nothing more than a profit making organisation with the people having no control over any aspect of that society.
      Don't be fooled by the budget blurb and the deficit crap, these are only the excuse to push their ideological agenda. We are told that the UK debt is out of control while the clever Germans are getting it right, but the UK debt in percentage of GDP is approximately 76% while in Germany it is approximately 75% but ours requires a total destruction of the welfare system. The only philosophical answer to that analysis is “bullshit”.
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