Sunday, 7 November 2010


        Every day it becomes more obvious the the ConDem millionaires coalition is nothing more than the unadulterated self interest of the millionaires club, a straight up front attempt to safeguard their unearned wealth by slashing the welfare state and allowing their other millionaire friends to offer the services at a price and a profit to them. Privatisation brought in under the guise of necessary “austerity cuts”. They know it is class war, isn't it about time we reacted accordingly? This cabal of millionaires are now not afraid to show their true colours, to hell with the pretence of “liberalism”, it is now in with the hatchet and carve everything up for privatisation. At the same time placing the blame on the last bunch of corrupt fraudsters, with their mantra, it was all their fault, while they gleefully go about attacking the living conditions of the working class.
         They will spout their favourite phrase, “deregulation” which will remove any form of community control and carve up even the most basic services to the poor and vulnerable, to allow their millionaire mates to step in and make a killing at our expense. What is on the cards for the working class is a society controlled by Group 4, Capita, etc. with the only guarantee being crap wages, no job security, longer working life, if you manage to get a job, and shit pensions. All this along with high unemployment decimated health service and shredded education system. There will of course always be the few charities struggling to do their best to help out in this Victorian society of deprivation.
          Another little trick they have up their sleeve is, if you have been unemployed for any length of time on job-seekers allowance, (in the midst of high unemployment) you will be “obliged” to do 30 hours manual labour a week, for free. It could be council work picking up litter or some other job that the council has to pay somebody to do. So I don't see the council employing people when they can force them to work for nothing. For those people with a little dignity and a belief that slavery went out some time ago, who decide not to demean themselves or take somebody else's paid job away, they will be hit with their benefit being stopped for three months, all £65 of it.
        This is the millionaires co-joined twins' “Big Society”, everything privatised, slavery for thousands and crap wages and conditions for the “lucky”. All this while the millionaires who dreamed up the plan laughing all the way to the bank, chuckling, “suckers”.

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