Wednesday, 17 November 2010


      Well I suppose we have to start thinking how do we stop ourselves from drowning in the syrup that is going to flow from the media over the next few months or perhaps years. I am of course referring to the Willie and Kate extravaganza, it can push world poverty, the Afghan war, the Haiti cholera disaster and Mrs. Wilson's lost kitten off the front page and off the airwaves. We shouldn't be too hard on the girl, after all she is just an ordinary Marlborough-educated, St Andrew's graduated middle class millionaire's daughter, we can only hope for the girl's sake, Willie is not too much like his father.
      Over the coming months we will be swamped under this deluge of “When will it be”, “What title will they be given” then of course it will be, “Where will they honeymoon, where will they live”, and of course, “Is she pregnant”, all totally irrelevant to a mutitude of people. It will come at you from all sides and there will be a totalitarian attitude from the media as the crowds cheer, weep and applaud with the usual aaahhh's at their every action. Those who don't follow suit will be derided and chastised by the media as if the entire world was, not just interested, but spell bound by the nuptial arrangements of a couple of over privileged young people. What the media, the mouth piece of the establishment, fail to grasp, or try to hide, is that this country has a large contingent of republicans, socialists, communists and others of a variety of political persuasions but with an anti-monarchy stance. Then there is the army of people who are just not that interested what the Royals get up to nor when. We are not a monolith, we are the people, a wonderful variation of views.
      Going by the comments coming from our millionaire twins in charge, the Cameron/Clegg music-hall hatchet act, and the brainless braying from the back benches, it certainly looks as if we are all to be co-opted into this Hollywood style soap. I'm not the least bit interested in what this means for modern marriage and what it tells us about the changes in the Royals' attitude, nor how they have changed since the Diane affair. It could become like living in the “Woman's Own” Magazine.
     However as long as it holds the headlines then the things that really matter to the ordinary people of this country will be pushed aside, off the radar, not up for discussion. For example the dismantling of the welfare society, the thousands of job losses, the looming poverty ahead of thousands, and the £billions of tax payers money heading to the corporate world. Yes, much better to discuss some young woman's wedding dress than discuss and organise to protect our children and our elderly from this vicious onslaught heading their way at the behest of the financial/corporate world, and let's not forget, the Royals are part of that high finance, privileged world.
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