Monday, 22 November 2010


    Referring to the UK's £7 billion loan to Ireland, George Osborne said, Britain is just helping its closest neighbour in Dublin's hour of need. What a load of crap, this is just another example of the millionaires club helping out their friends in the banking casinos with another bucketful of tax payers money. British banks are heavily involved with the Irish banks, after all you don't think the British mobsters would miss out on a property bubble so close to home. There was a greed feast going on in Irish property so the British banks wanted a slice of the action. Now the bubble has burst and if the Irish banks collapse the British banks get hammered, running to the rescue, well being dragged to the rescue, is the British tax payer. We as tax payers seem to have bottomless pockets when it comes to helping banksters in distress but are broke when it comes to helping our own people with social services. Ever since the millionaire twins took over the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption they have been drowning us in a chorus of we can't afford anything, it is austerity cuts here, there and everywhere. We point at this need and that need and are told that our debt is far too high we have to tighten our belts. Their bankster friends get nervous about losing some of their ill gotten gains and in comes the suitcases filled with cash, all £7 billion worth without the blink of an eye.
       What a system they have, tax the people, let the bank casinos gamble like crazy making pots of cash for them and their friends. Then when the odds swing against the gamblers, gather up all that tax money and hand it to their friends the gamblers. Is there anybody out there that doesn't see this as all out class war, or worse, still believes that this system has anything to do with the benefit the ordinary? When do we get wise and set about organising society to benefit the ordinary people, creating a society that sees to the needs of all our people rather than supporting a system that is screwing the ordinary people to the deck to help out very rich millionaire parasites. They need us to maintain their life of pampered privileges, we don't need them for anything at all. Let's stuff them and their gambling system in the dustbin of history.

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