Saturday, 5 March 2011


    With this, page 4, we continue with the wee booklet "Introduction to Anarky" by the teapot collective.
People with power don't want to give it up and the laws reflect that. But throughout history people have tried to do just that. to live freely. Sometimes on their own, sometimes in small groups, sometimes in great popular movements. From the peasants revolt to the Poll Tax people have come together in grass roots movements.

Brief History of Anarchy in Action.         History reflects the values of the people writing it, in the mainstream usually the ruling class. Looking at history with an anarchist perspective reveals something more interesting than the Kings and Queens we got bored by at school.
         "Has all this anarchy shit ever been tried at all?" you might ask. Actially about 99% of human existance has been shaped by tribal society, small collectives--- To be continued. It is a small book.

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