Thursday, 31 March 2011


 Help The Working Class Festival
         At a time when the ordinary people's culture and living standards are being savagely attacked we need more than ever to come together not just to celebrate our own culture but to regain that spirit of solidarity among all the ordinary people of this country. By coming together and hearing songs and poetry of the people's struggles, tragedies and victories we can find that common cause between us all. For this reason I feel strongly about Alun Parry's work in organising and running this WORKING CLASS FESTIVAL and would hope that such events will soon become common throughout the whole of the country. We the ordinary people have a culture, a history and if we come together we can have a future fit for all our children and our grandchildren. please support this Festival and perhaps, who knows, you might feel up to organising one in your own area. 

      The Working Class Life & Music Festival run by Alun Parry, starts next month in Liverpool. It has over 40 events and takes place right across Liverpool from 22nd April to 30th April. It is the largest celebration of working people on the planet.
      I’m urging supporters to join up as a Festival Champion to help spread the word. It’s really easy and only takes seconds to do each mission.
      If you believe in what the festival is doing, sign up as a champion too just by clicking this link

P.S. Please do help the festival. It takes seconds and it's really needed and important.

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