Saturday, 19 March 2011


      Britain boasts of being a peaceful nation but when has the UK been at peace? There are young people in their twenties who have never know this country not to be fighting in an overseas war. How many wars can a small country wage while telling its people that we can't afford decent social services? While cutting education, closing libraries and decimating the health service? The dogs of war must be fed but not the social fabric of our society. The arms industry has saliva running down its chin at the thought of another war. Who gains in these endless wars? Not the young soldiers who are sent out to do the killing, not the families of the soldiers, and certainly not the ordinary people of this country. And from past experience of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is not the people of the bombarded country.
      The only gains go to the corporate giants of this world, the oil industry, the arms industry and all the back-up companies that go to support any war. War is big business, capitalism doesn't just make money out of making things, there is lots of money to be made from destroying things, profit is all it is about, as far as the people are concerned, the corporate world doesn't give a shit. It is not the Libyan revolution that we should be focusing on, but the need for a revolution here to stop these endless bloody wars where the ordinary people of the world pay in blood and sweat and the corporate parasites inflate their already bloated wealth. 

We have more in common with the people we attack and invade than we have with the corporate parasites that stand to get all the "spoils of war", corporate capitalism and its state mandarins are the "dogs of war".

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