Friday, 4 March 2011


        For more than a month there have been large protests in a Middle Eastern country and there has been some brutal repression of those protesters taking place. The figures we are give is 16 killed and 130 wounded. The protesters are calling for greater democracy, an end to corruption and better services. The powers that be, are labelling the protesters as having links to Al-Qaeda, just as Gaddafi is saying about the Libyan protesters, The protesters claim no such link, and state that they are ordinary people wanting an end to their poverty, an end to mass unemployment, government corruption and are seeking better services in their communities.
        However, our two knights in shining armour for democracy, Obama and Cameron are not in this case, backing the protesters and calling for the leader to step down and accept the will of the people. They remain silent about the protests and offer no criticism of the leader and his coterie. The reason being that the protests are taking place in Iraq. This is the country that is meant to be the shining example of the West building democracy in the Arab world. We bombed the country back to the stone age and killed hundreds of thousands of its people, so that we could bring them democracy and Mr. Nuri al-Maliki is our man in the driving seat.
         It must be extremely difficult for this bunch of hypocrites to try to keep up with when to support their favourite dictator and when to dump him in favour of their favourite people's uprising. Dictators are embraced when it is good for business and we have access to their resources, but are dumped when it looks like being their friend will damage our business interests. In this corporate value structure, dictators and the people are expendable, the main criteria is profit for the corporate world. We in the West should be following our Arab friends and en masse be calling a halt to the corruption that festers throughout this type of society. Change may be sweeping through the Middle East but it will continue to be a corrupt system if it continues to do business with the corrupt and hypocritical West.

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