Wednesday, 9 March 2011


         With the boss of Barclay's, Bob Diamond, being burdened with a £6.5 million bonus, heaped on top of his more than ample salary, while the rest of us face savage cuts to our standard of living, we should be seeing more of this sort of thing. Why does the British public accept the injustice of this system? Those responsible for the financial mess are rewarded with bonuses in the millions while the sick, the vulnerable and the poor are having their benefits cut. The ordinary people are seeing services cut, libraries disappearing, schools closing, unemployment rising as well as fuel and food prices rising at an alarming rate. Meanwhile the culpable parasites still suck the system dry and are protected by their millionaire friends in government. There is an alternative but the rich and powerful don't want you to think about that, just knuckle under and accept the "austerity cuts" leave the wealth and power to the pampered parasites. The choice is ours, take what they throw at you, or fight back for a better system based on mutual aid, justice and sustainability. A system that sees to the needs of all those in that society, not to the pampered profit drive few.

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